Consortium members


Dr. Thomas Velten, Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Engineering



Participating organisations

Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Sulzbach, Germany

Principal investigator: Dr. Thomas Velten (Head of Department Biomedical Microsystems)


Notion Systems GmbH, Schwetzingen, Germany

Principal investigator: Dr. David Volk (Director New Applications)


Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Principal investigators: Prof. Yael Hanein (Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Talma Hendler (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Science, Sagol School of Neuroscience)


Sensomedical Labs LTD., Nazareth, Israel

Principal investigator: Maroun Farah (CEO), Luai Asfour (HW and Projects Manager).